Jenny Halada Jewelry presents the Infinity Collection
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What I Do

I design and create contemporary jewelry from precious materials in forms inspired by nature, geometry, and art. When creating a collection I explore the symbolic, practical, and conceptual aspects of form to create pieces that are at once unique and also a cohesive part of a whole.


Who I Am

I am Berlin-based jewelry designer of Czech and Dutch descent. I grew up around fine jewelry in my family's workshop and knew from a very young age that this would be the path my life would take. I hold a Master's Degree in Applied Arts from the Academy of Applied Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague and am a Certified Designer for Jewelry and Objects (Pforzheim).


My Work

This collection, entitled INFINITY, is inspired by the physical aspects of the universe such as celestial bodies, supernovas, and constellations. Its elegant forms endeavor to express concepts such as space, time, and infinity in hand-crafted precious metals. Over time, each evolved from the most fundamental shape in the universe, the ring, to become the collection you see below. Tension is created by hand-forging one piece of solid alloy. The names of the models originate from the 88 modern star constellations by which areas of the sky are defined.

Pieces are available in sterling silver, rose, white or yellow gold. Dimensions may vary by alloy.

Contact me!

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Friedelstrasse 54, 12047 Berlin


+49 1578 435 53 83